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I know it wasn’t so long since I wrote something but, for the sake of love, compassion, appreciation and mostly, Courage, just to let you know that I really, really love how this couple act in their favour.

Rude and racism are two different things and I believe that everyone who’s been forced to leave their own country to work in another one leaving their loved away encounter this never-ending issue. 



Rude and racism

She also mentioned that been raised in an independent environment and with free life concept to enter a restricted place that constricts you from everything and all it is different than she imagines it is. Nonetheless, the step they’ve done as a couple is really liberating to have their right to do what they really want and love, to be able to make a choice of their own, and most of all, to speak for themself. However during that life period, she was suffering from mental health as she starts to get supplements to pass over these ridiculous situations with stronger naturist supplements like this one here

PS. Any couple should do this.



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