Another Tuesday in a Pandemic Fitness world

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Just come back from shopping. People like nowhere or should I say, everywhere. Without any kind of respect or politeness that we’re in a global pandemic.

Can’t change their minds, mentality. Feeling eager for a latte grab 1 on a way home and savour at maximum. But been indoor at home the body feels like something missing. Guess what? Yeahhh is a daily fitness exercise.

Even just for 20min or 15min fitness workout is all your body eager to do in your own conform.

Feeling refresh and start ….half of the day yeah full energised. Browsing and thinking ohhhhhhhhhhhhh let’s see what is inside the latest world, find this .………..which in my opinion isn’t so bad. However if you really really want something to improve your body from the inside out, check this out…… you actually don’t have to be an expert or to look like a ”VIP”.

Did I just said ”star”, ohhh Gosh apologise. No one is a star on Earth as we all come from the same core. Above everything fitness, pilates, yoga, tai-chi & so on are made for the body health and wellbeing.

Therefore I decided to try this foam protection as I saw on TV 

but you can get yours here………. Because the other day I have been out and I saw something similar, which I consider to be too strong for the purpose and I say to myself let’s check it out 


Click here to get yours here

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