Weightlifting Fitness by CT

    Let’s break down the Weightlifting Fitness Industry   NelsonMandela said that ” There is no passion to be found playing small and settling for a life that’s less than the one you are capable of living”.   The roots of Weightlifting Fitness are far from where we know it. The historical fact shows … Read more

Fitness Tracking Features, Lockdown 2021

  Fitness Tracking Features, Lockdown 2021 – Focus into and get to the point to bring out the inside of the Fitness Hallmark Industry as nowhere at all have been unfolded.       To begin with the first point note, we can find whatever fitness tracking features we want when you start internet searching. … Read more


BODY SCULPTING WORKOUTS. This fat incinerating body sculpting workout combines warm-up, cardio, toning, cool down. From the beginner to Intermediate and lastly to advanced with just simple, non-complicated equipment such as light hand weights.   Obviously you want to know what is it?   Let’s start with the beginning.   REMEMBER: If other people can do … Read more

“Make Your Own Choices”

I know it wasn’t so long since I wrote something but, for the sake of love, compassion, appreciation and mostly, Courage, just to let you know that I really, really love how this couple act in their favour. Rude and racism are two different things and I believe that everyone who’s been forced to leave … Read more


It’s straightforward! People do not like to……………… DIET. NOOOOOOO not a single one, not again! OK sooooo, then let’s call it differently. For instance, regime. Hmmmmm loose weight, regime, diet, nooooooooo. Really? Not quite a yummy word. Crash Diet. Could be, yes much better.     Let’s talk about FoodStuffs then. More exactly healthy food. … Read more

Best Workout Equip’to Use at Home

    We all want to work out at home, make the best of our holiday, covid days off to stay in shape. Here are some of the best home workout equipment to use at home, tested by myself:   Best stationary bike: NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle Website: https://www.nordictrack.co.uk/exercise-bikes/nordictrack-commercial-s22i-studio-cycle Also, you can find it here … Read more

Lost in a workout program…

  Lost in a workout program…………. how to Get in Shape Without Leaving Your House!     The training program contained on this website fitnessemporiumglobe.com is intended to be for people over 49 years old. Why? Because after a certain age your body is not like before and became more…………saying the truth? laaaazzzzyyyyyyy! from inside out. … Read more

2 Reviews about Workout Equipment

    Hi globe friends. In this article, I will discuss and reveal the review we’ve made with regards to some of the best products for Fitness, Workout and Exercise. Included in the categories are weight loss topics such as exercise, diet, BMI calculator, fitness programs, meal replacement shakes and food you’re going to find … Read more