Monday, bloody Monday!

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So…………. I wake up in the morning with the feeling like ”Monday, bloody Monday”. Drag my self up for the morning walk with my pet and also, run together. But what we’re gonna do if we do not have any pets to walk. Of course, you can’t walk a rabbit, or squirrel, or parrot. You just have to get out of the bed slowly, get washed, get out there and start walking………..slowly, slowly as Norman has done it.


Day by day. Until the body get used to this idea.

I find this awesome article which makes my heart smile throughout distinctive way which describe very well what do we have to do to maintain body fitness.


While out for the short walk, do some stretching to improve strengthened your muscles. Move your arms and head into a rotation position till you feel it on your spine. Is well known that while exercising the blood flowing is increase and lead to a post-workout smoulder.

Back in the house don’t jump in the shower. Continue for 15 minutes the leftover. Get everything from the body that has to sweat, put youtube, put a piece of background music and GET IT OVER! Time flaying. There we are! Ready to start a fantastic day ahead.

Check this folding fitness piece of equipment if you don’t want to get out of the house and you want to workout indoor

To your wellbeing


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